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Ruby on Rails Podcast #299: Cover My Culture with Anne Richardson and Alex Miller

December 19, 2019 at 10:00AM • 23 minutes

It's three's company! CoverMyMeds' engineers, Anne Richardson and Alex Miller, guested on the podcast to discuss CMM's remote developer culture, approach to microservices and commitment to the Ruby community.

Hosted by Brittany Martin.

Puromac #551: Esto es increíble con Patuflinx alias Christian Garcia

December 19, 2019 at 5:00AM • 1 hour 12 minutes

Una amena conversación que se hace divertida entre Flavio y Patuflinx tocando muchos temas, entre ellos: la increíble demanda de los Airpods, el cambio que han introducido en la industria, alternativas, Routers Mesh, Photos en iOS y con Google, consumo de energía y CPU, usando las Macbooks Pro,, limpiando contenido para navegar mas fácil e importarlo administrando recetas de cocina.

Hosted by Federico Hatoum & Flavio Guinsburg.

5by5 at the Movies #63: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 63

December 18, 2019 at 11:00AM • 25 minutes

This week we chat news on 'Bill & Ted', 'Power Rangers' and that indie darling 'Rise of Skywalker' coming out soon.

Plus what we really think about 'Cats'!

Co-host: Dan Richardson

Hosted by Keith Ruckus.

Back to Work #456: Urinal Cup

December 17, 2019 at 10:00PM • 1 hour 15 minutes

DISCUSSED: Dan presents a curious new bathroom project; some thoughts on OCD, procrastination, and empathy; praise for Fury Road, Inglourious Basterds, and Dunkirk; Dan has follow-up on his awesome new laptop and the state of Unix shells; Merlin makes the case for occasionally getting unused to things.

Hosted by Merlin Mann & Dan Benjamin.

DLC #317: Kahlief Adams: The Game Awards, Xbox Series X, Hellblade 2, Fast and the Furious Crossroads, Ghost of Tsushima, Weird West, Ruined King, Death Stranding, Star Wars Jedi the Fallen Order

December 16, 2019 at 12:00AM • 2 hours 5 minutes

Jeff and Christian welcome Kahlief Adams from Spawn on Me to the show this week to discuss all of the big announcements and awards from The Game Awards 2019, including Xbox Series X, Hellblade 2, Fast & Furious Crossroads, and more!

The Playlist: Star Wars Jedi the Fallen Order, Death Stranding, Darksiders Genesis

Parting Gifts!

BONUS CONTENT: Spoiler talk for Star Wars Jedi the Fallen Order

Hosted by Christian Spicer & Jeff Cannata.

The Critical Path #238: You Can't Close Your Ears

December 15, 2019 at 6:00PM • 1 hour 1 minute

Horace muses upon Air Pods Pro, Aramco and HomeKit.

Hosted by Horace Dediu, Anders Brownworth, and Judd Rubin.

Puromac #550: Vs trucos y concejos, análisis del MacPro y un nuevo equilibrio

December 13, 2019 at 12:00PM • 39 minutes

Elegir y verde la compra de un carro como una nueva Mac Pro que sale a la venta, el Apple Pro Display XDR, historia y descuentos del Macbook Pro de 16”. Actualizacion de iOS y iPadOS a 13.3 Actualizacion de macOS a 10.15.2 Actualización de iOS a 12.4.4 para viejos dispositivos El iPhone 6 es el smarphone mas vendido de la historia Re-probando el Apple TV 4K, en 4k y con su remoto después de buscarlo. Control remoto alternativo de Apple TV 4K Remote Control $20 Instrucciones para usar el iPhone, iPad o Apple Watch como remoto Twitter Como Siri acaba de salvar otra vida

Hosted by Federico Hatoum & Flavio Guinsburg.

5by5 at the Movies #62: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 62

December 10, 2019 at 10:00PM • 31 minutes

This week we talk about the "Ghostbusters - Afterlife" trailer, the "Wonder Women 1984" trailer, why patty Jenkins should rule the movie industry, Snyder bullshit, why Keith is torn on "Shrunk" - and what's Marvel up to!?

Co-host: Dan Richardson

Hosted by Keith Ruckus.

Back to Work #455: Talc Mandala

December 10, 2019 at 4:30PM • 1 hour 12 minutes

DISCUSSED: Drafts for Mac is out!; check out Damon Lindelof on The Watch; suggestions for HomeKit power strips; and responses to listener letters on rediscovering the joys of physical media and getting started with addressing chronic pain.

Hosted by Merlin Mann & Dan Benjamin.