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Hosted by Adam Dachis, Darren Herczeg, Erica Elson, and Richard Cardenas.

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25: Creeper's Anonymous

September 2, 2014 at 1:45AM • 1 hour 15 minutes • Wiki Entry

Allison and Rachel tell the tragic love story of Prestint and Shoshannah.

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Awkward Situation of the Week: Allison and Rachel tell the tragic love story of Prestint and Shoshannah.

This Week's Questions:

  • Matthew asks, "Long time listener of Dachis' podcasts. My financèe recently realized she was bi. I used to jokingly comment on how a threesome with one of her friends would be hot--now she wants one. I, like most heterosexual cis gendered guys, obviously think the idea of a MFF threesome is incredibly hot. Just one problem: finding a third. We don't get out much (work from home and don't have a car--in NY state that pretty much makes any outing a pain in the ass). We basically only go out for groceries (the things we can't get on Amazon subscribe and save) and medical appointments, so meeting people is a little hard. We do go out with friends, but--as I am introverted and the financèe has anxiety around a lot of people (and I just generally despise the idea of clubbing or going out to drink). Adult...friend finding sites are out, because we want to do it with a person we know. We've asked the one person we know who's had a threesome for advice, and she said to do it with an acquaintance. I've read lots of other advice, and they say that doing it with a friend could work--just have to be careful about feelings and such. The only friend that's single (seriously--is nobody single at our age? Where are my nerdy single girls at?--ugh, the grammar on that one hurts) is a virgin. But we're both attracted to her. Any advice would be appreciated--especially on finding a third and general first time threesome advice. If it works out, we want to make this a regular thing. "
  • Parker asks, "Hey, I love listening to your show and thought you could help with an awkward situation I'm in. There is a juggling club I go to and one of the guys who's teaching me how to juggle rings started chatting me on Facebook. One thing led to another and we were texting at least every other day and we hung out a few times outside of the club. About three weeks into our texting realized some things. 1) This guy is really creepy, and 2) I'm 15 and he's 22. What am I doing? So I stopped texting him and I don't hang out with him. I even decided to invite a friend to the club so I would have someone else to talk to. This seemed to make it way worse cause last time I went to the club he gave me a hug to say goodbye, but instead of a friendly light hug it was more of a bear hug where he smelled my hair and kissed me on the neck. (Just to be clear we have done nothing sexual together that creepy hug was the most sexual thing.) So on top of all that other information. That person who I invited to the club, is a guy that I had meet over the summer. And this guy and I have been texting and we are not going out yet but its heading in that direction. Also during this whole thing my parents are at this club. I have no clue how they have not seen any of this going on. How do I proceed from here? How do I get out of this when verbal confrontation isn't really my thing?"
  • Camelia asks, "How do you deal with creepers in public transit? I've been approached twice on rainy days by the same man who appears to have a rain boot fetish. He always talks to me about my boots. Should I call him out on it the next time I see him? "

Special Segment: There was too much talking for a special segment this week!

Final Thoughts: A discussion of genital flavors.