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Hosted by Adam Dachis, Darren Herczeg, Erica Elson, and Richard Cardenas.

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249: Lumpy Thick Thighs in Tight Pants

June 9, 2019 at 2:00PM • 1 hour 13 minutes • Wiki Entry

This awkward week we're talking about a degraded manager, cheap dates, and more with special guest Darren Herczeg!

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Special guests: Darren Herczeg 


Mathæyós: "I think your texting thing is broken again. Here's the whole thing. Sorry it took so long--I had a migraine for nearly two days this week.

The 1Password podcast is about cyber security and stuff like that. I leave the Night playlist podcast playing all night because my PTSD / neuro-diverse brain will remember random shit.

"Hey! Hey. Psst. HEY! Trying to sleep? Remember that horrible thing that happened to you around 5 years ago? Yeah that was pretty bad, wasn't it? Well good luck sleeping! (3 hours later) Psst. Remember that thing that that kid said to a 12 years ago when you were in high school? Ok bye!"

They got it pretty close in the last season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. "I remember everything that's ever happened to me. It's horrible."

Erica I read the show notes for the approximately 172 podcasts I listen to (other than the night ones). Also why does your voicemail sound like chipmunks? The one that the guy left, not the greeting.

I couldn't understand the voicemail at all in episode 245.

Also for some reason episode 245 is dated March 24th.

Ok byyyeeee!"

Sami: "Hey,

just a suggesugge not a question. i just discovered contrapocont video essays on youtube and think it would be great to have you answering questions together


Drew: "y'all wanted screenshots so here they are. i've got a story and question, too, but i'm going to call that in
for most shows links and things go where they are for liftoff. for awkward they're not there. it's not a big deal but i'm lazy and like to complain. the stuff at the bottom of the 5by5 site for awkward should be in the spot where the show description is in the podcast app"

Grace: "Hi so I don't know waht I should do about my boyfriend. He is really cheap and I'm really embarrassed by it. Some of the times it just makes me really sad. He tries doing deals like everywhere we go. So we go shopping and he wants some batteries he'll ask at the checkout if this is the right price. They check and say yes so he'll say he saw in a flyer that it's less. He will argue forever until they give up and give him just even a dollar off. We will go to dinner and he bitches about the food even if it's good food just to try and get the check discounted. He got me some good discounts in less annoying ways when we started dating and I thought it was good back then. I didn't know he just does this ALL OF THE TIME. He says it's why he doesn't have student debt but that's also because he went to a cheap ass college and his grandpa paid for half of it. It still cost him like 20 thousand so I get it but he paid his loan off so why does he have to be like this still?? He has a good job and a nice girlfriend who puts up with a lot obviously. Like he can still get discounts but how do I make him stop doing it always?

Thank you."

Mac: "Hi awkward humans,
I've been manager for 4 years. Everything was fine but in January we had layoffs. About half the people had to go ... including me. But I got "rescued", my friend who stayed manager in other team offered me to go to her team as developer with same pay I got as manager.

I accepted that offer and honestly I'm getting frustrated. I grew my old team from 2 people to 10, now it's all gone, almost all my former team members got fired or found other job. I recruited and trained them all by myself, they were MY team.

On the other side it's kind of relief not having to think about deadlines, budgets etc.

In my current position aside from my friend-manager I have to work with brother of CEO and he is very controlling. He has to check everything I do. And I'm sick of it, I know how to do that damn job!

How do I get past that frustration? How do I deal with that guy? Should I screw it all and get a new job?"