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Hosted by Adam Dachis, Darren Herczeg, Erica Elson, and Richard Cardenas.

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243: ATM

March 28, 2019 at 9:00PM • 1 hour 2 minutes • Wiki Entry

This awkward week we're talking about a sexy dilemma, the unbending will of motherhood, and ass-to-mouth with special guest Sarah Klegman!

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Awkward Story Time: Sarah's gentleman caller talks to a 16-year-old girl's parents about loud sex.

Special guests: Sarah Klegman 


Mattheyós: "Extrapolation sent. Also I should add that there are just filler podcasts between my favorite ones and the ones I have to pay attention to.

Also I use smart speed on Overcast. Oops I sent the email to the Supercharged address because I didn't read the box correctly on the website. So check that.


Dachis said to extrapolate so here I go.

Yes, I really listen to 172 podcasts (probably more because I added a few). I have two playlists: a day and night playlist. My night playlist is organizied my most sophorific podcasts first (Welcome to Night Vale, some story podcasts, then Sleep With Me Patreon feed and the regular feed).

My day playlist has news and topical podcasts first (The Rebound is first) then it goes into Doctor Who podcasts and my favorite podcasts (like Awkward, for example). While Awkward isn't first or near the top when I notice a new episode is out I listen right away.

Then come the accessibility podcasts (like the Mac Quadcast), then I have ones I can't zone out on or listen to when I'm trying to relax (like Automators , Mac Power Users, the Day One podcast, 1Password podcast, the Omnifocus podcast).

I'm a supporting member of two podcast networks and a Patreon of nine.

Whenever I'm not reading (I have read 69--nice--books this year; mostly manga but that is because I have a digital Shonen Jump subscription and I'm catching up on some series), masturbating (less and less now due to atrophy in my hands), showering/doing stuff right after I shower, doing something that requires my full attention (in which case I have my noise generation app on or music) or talking to someone I'm listening to podcasts.

I have a set of Jabra Move Bluetooth headphones (20 hour battery life) and AirPods (for outdoors). I plan on getting a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort II Bluetooth headphones when I can afford it.

I also have an Amazon Dot that I use when I'm drying off after the shower and a Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen (for if my headphones aren't charged or something and I need to do dishes).

You have to remember I spend 96% of my time alone.

Also here is a podcast time stamp about the benefits of podcasts (I was *not* the person who wrote the letter) and my Siri Shortcut for playing my Night playlist.

Here is a screenshot of how much battery Overcast uses.

Note that you must use Overcast and have a playlist called Sleep or it won't work. You can also have it play any playlist I suppose.

Ok, byyyeee.
Re: intercourse: According to The New Oxford Dictionary of American English the use of intercourse to describe sex arose in the late 18th century.
Sorry, I meant the Oxford Dictionary of English. It's the best English Dictionary."

Anonymous : "Hi Adam, Richard, Erica, and hopefully Darren
I've been with my long distance boyfriend for a year and a half now. We used to be sexual but in the past few months we haven't because I stopped feeling comfortable with it. Over the past few weeks he has been testy and frustrated. We talked about it the other night and he admitted that it's because he is sexually frustrated. I told him I wanted to try being sexual again. He agreed, and said that if I ever get uncomfortable or feel like it's too much we will stop.

I started to send him nudes and videos and everything was fine at first. But it went downhill almost immediately. Due to past abuse, being sexual is difficult for me. I often end up with the mindset that I'm worthless unless I'm being sexual. Keep in mind that this is not at all caused by my boyfriend. He takes great care to make sure I know that the opposite is true, and that I am valuable to him even if I'm not being sexual.

I know that being sexual is an important part of any relationship. My boyfriend has been less stressed and frustrated since we started back up again, and I personally have enjoyed it too— minus feeling worthless. So I don't want to stop it.

Anyways, I think I know what I should do, but I'd like to hear what y'alls opinion on it is and how I should best approach the situation.


Lilik: "I know this is a stupid question but please be sympathetic. My mom is mental. I live two towns over and she needs to see me twice a week ever since I moved. She will have a nuclear anxiety attack if I do not show up twice a week on the days she specifies. If I don't go she "might as well be dead." My dad died when I was five and she's a pain in the ass so nobody wants to see her that much. I love my mom but I go because I feel like I don't have any choice and when I'm there she's controlling everything. It's like going to her house means being her puppet. I asked for a tiny thing, to not put orange juice in the salad for dinner. Every dinner its goddamned orange juice salad. I hate oranges. I hate them. She knows I hate them and she won't change it. It's just goddamned orange juice but it's as if she loves the juice more than me. If she just did one goddamned thing for me. I hate spending time with my mom but I love her and she has nobody. If she would just stop putting juice in the salad. Or anything at all. Like what do I do with her? I have no idea."

max: "aloha guys, quick question: do people do ass to mouth outside of porn? do more people do atm becuase of porn? is it dangerous if yes what movie magic is used in porn? thank you for your time "