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39: Dave Shea

October 17, 2012 at 6:15PM • 60 minutes • Wiki Entry

Dave Shea joins Eric Meyer and Jen Simmons for the third episode of in The Web Behind series. They talk about the CSS Zen Garden, a website Dave created in 2003 which showed the world how radically-different designs could be with just CSS. Dave also reflects on the origins and lasting effects of the CSS Sprites technique he introduced to the world, and reminisces about the web design community of a decade ago.

Special guest Eric Meyer.

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From the chatroom during the show:

“CSS Zen Garden was probably the site that got me interested in web development. I have never been a designer, but it proved sites could look good!” — ShaneHudson

“CSS Zen Garden pretty much inspired me to relaunch my career as a Web Developer.” — britinva

“Looking at CSS Zen Garden for the first time in many years, really transports me back to a time when CSS for layout was new and what it felt like to not fully understand the CSS magic which was making it all possible.” — Vectorfunk