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TDB is a twelve-step program for technology snobs disguised as a comedic interview podcast - humorously helping geeks confront their digital narcissism and unhealthy attachment to their gadgets & devices.

Hosted by Jordan Cooper.

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54: The Subscribaholic

April 5, 2015 at 3:45PM • 52 minutes • Wiki Entry

In this week’s meeting, Ryan Sullivan of WP Site Care confesses his dependency on Amazon, that he makes nearly all of his household and grocery purchases online, and how he's concerned that his mailman and neighbors are secretly judging him by the sheer amount of packages he gets delivered on a daily basis.

In addition, we discuss managing Wordpress websites, poor customer support from web hosting providers, dealing with the disposal of tons of cardboard boxes, how Amazon is more similar to Walmart than other tech companies, and why mainstream people find buying groceries online to be so odd to do.

It concludes with Ryan conquering step five by admitting he takes his Amazon Prime membership for granted and has become entitled to free two-day shipping.

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