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TDB is a twelve-step program for technology snobs disguised as a comedic interview podcast - humorously helping geeks confront their digital narcissism and unhealthy attachment to their gadgets & devices.

Hosted by Jordan Cooper.

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25: The Insular Poker Player

September 14, 2014 at 7:45PM • 1 hour 44 minutes • Wiki Entry

In this week’s meeting, Michele Lewis shares her experience playing in and covering the professional poker circuit, how technology and social media has changed the game for both the better and worse, why software is eating the online poker world, how it has shielded players from developing people skills, and how "whiz kids" have squeezed all the fun out of the game for recreational players.

In addition, we discuss the perils of preserving your phone's battery life during a tournament, choosing the right headphones to suit your needs at the table, how the poker media continually promotes delusions of grandeur, and using Zynga as a sadly positive example, why it's so important for poker rooms to innovate in order to attract "dead money" back to the community.

It concludes with Michele completing step eleven by admitting that her experience inside the professional tournament circuit may have limited her exposure to the needs of recreational players and the ordinary middle class poker-loving American.

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