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TDB is a twelve-step program for technology snobs disguised as a comedic interview podcast - humorously helping geeks confront their digital narcissism and unhealthy attachment to their gadgets & devices.

Hosted by Jordan Cooper.

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18: The Judgy Comedian

July 28, 2014 at 8:15AM • 1 hour 16 minutes • Wiki Entry

In this week’s meeting, Scott Simpson shares how insularity in the technology industry is similar to that of the stand-up comedy world, why those closer to the source build a high tolerance for what they'd consider "amazing", and how his experience working for Apple & Amazon definitely sheds a light on corporate culture that brainwashes employees into believing they're changing the world.

In addition, we discuss both the valid and short-sighted criticism of services like Uber & AirBNB, how making things cheaper and more efficient for the privileged set can wipe out options for the poor, how every person has a worldview that is overlaid on every single thing they say or do, and that "success" can simply be a moment of connection as most people spend their lives seeking to just be the hero of their own story.

It concludes with Scott completing step eleven by admitting that he pegs people as "stupid" too quickly and will make a concerted effort to acknowledge their motivations are as valid as his own - even if the way they go about fulfilling them are decidedly idiotic and wasteful.

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