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TDB is a twelve-step program for technology snobs disguised as a comedic interview podcast - humorously helping geeks confront their digital narcissism and unhealthy attachment to their gadgets & devices.

Hosted by Jordan Cooper.

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16: The Disgruntled Blogger

July 14, 2014 at 3:45AM • 1 hour 12 minutes • Wiki Entry

In this week’s meeting, Stefan Constantinescu of Tab Dump and former writer for Engadget expresses his disdain for "pageview journalism", why he feels legacy publications are more trustworthy than new media outlets, how knowing how the sausage gets made ruins his enjoyment of the internet, and why there's no solution when the general public doesn't seem to care about the proliferation of ads nor is willing to actually pay for content.

In addition, we discuss the hierarchy of communication methods based on urgency of response, meticulously managing notification settings to conform to your lifestyle, how technophiles consume the internet much differently than the average person, and the importance of finding hobbies outside of your given industry to preserve your sanity.

It concludes with Stefan venturing past step twelve by admitting he voluntarily subjects himself to the things that piss him off the most - and will seek a regular 9-5 office job for a simpler life away from the rat race of technology blogging.

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