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In web years, Ze Frank is a grizzled pioneer in online play spaces. He is currently the president of making people feel awesome at "www.star.me":http://www.star.me

Since 2001, when he released the early viral phenomena "How To Dance Properly":http://zefrank.com/invite/swfs/index2.html, Ze has been creating content that encourages people to laugh, create, play, and collaborate. From 2006 to 2007 Ze produced a week-daily video blog called “The Show.” His rapid-fire delivery and experiments in audience collaboration (including the making of the first Earth Sandwich!) continue to influence a generation of YouTubers. The Show is currently celebrating its "Five Year Anniversary":http://zefrank.com/theshow/replay.

Ze is a frequent speaker at the annual "TED conferences":http://TED.com and two videos which outline his philosophy on media participation..

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