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John Wilkins has been a web developer for a long time. In April 1993, he was one of the lucky few to use the very first graphical web browser, "Mosaic 1.0":, and he’s been doing web development professionally since 1994. His CSS creds go back to 2001 when Jeffrey Zeldman said ""to hell with bad browsers":" and challenged web developers to take CSS layout seriously. He was a charter member of the "CSS-D group": and, while helping in the table-to-CSS journey, became a humble CSS guru. Okay, maybe not humble. In 2005, John finally learned how idiotic it is to build your own web application framework and discovered the power of Drupal; he never looked back.

In the Drupal community, he is best known as "JohnAlbin":, a top contributor to Drupal 7’s theme layer and the maintainer of the "Zen theme":, which is a highly-documented, feature-rich “starter” theme with a powerfully flexible CSS framework. He is also a co-author of the book, "Drupal 7 Module Development": John currently works with a bunch of really cool Drupal developers and themers at "":

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