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Jesse Jacobs

Blending his life of martial arts, yoga, foreign language, and travel, with tea & business, Jesse Jacobs founded "Samovar Tea Lounge": with a clear mission: To create positive human connection. Jesse's company delivers the antidote to our modern fast-paced lives, stressed out lives. Through the ritual drinking of tea, and slowing down, people actually connect deeper with themselves and those around them, and ultimately lead more actualized and inspired lives. With features in the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, and the Wall St. Journal, the benefits impact of Samovar is seen not only in the Bay Area, but throughout the country - benefitting our hectic lives through this tea experience. More time, and inner-peace are delivered by Jacobs and his company, as this modern "tea movement" catches on and creates ecstatic customers, living more, by going slower and sipping tea.

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