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Heather Gold is an innovative comedian, social artist and commentator. A web veteran, her innovations came from applying web elements and early web community focus to live performance. She brings her insights from over 10 years of scaling live, large intimate conversation to the developing social web, helping build a landscape in which the machines serve people and not the other way round. She performs internationally at colleges, clubs and living rooms and involves the people formerly known as the audience in her shows and shares her insights co-hosting TummelVision, in media like NPR, Wired and TWIT.tv and in speaks frequently about social and emotional engagement at places like Google, Web 2.0 and ConnectUp. Boingboing calls her "one of our favorite comedians." Heather's written for Alan Cumming, hosted Austin Gay Pride and baked over 50,000 cookies w "audiences" in her show "I Look Like An Egg, but I Identify As A Cookie" which won Best of the Bay and Curve Magazine's National Lesbian Theatre Award.