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On Taking Pictures

Every week, Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Wadman take on the art, science, and philosophy of photography and explore how they play out behind the camera in the process of making images. Insider insights for the novice, shop talk for the professional, and opinionated discussion for the interested observer of the field's trends and legacy.

Hosted by Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris.

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59: Food Doesn’t Talk Back

June 11, 2013 at 5:15PM • 1 hour 40 minutes • Wiki Entry

This week we talk about getting through a shoot when you feel like a truck ran over you. Also, do retouchers deserve credit? If so, when and how much? Plus, abstract photographer and MacArthur "Genius" Fellow Uta Barth is our Photographer of the week.

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