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Old Monte Carlo

July 20, 2012 at 8:30AM • 1 hour 31 minutes • Wiki Entry

Will and Scott sit down with two real newsmakers this week. First, Graham Bensinger has had a lot of big interviews in his day, but getting Kobe Bryant is a big "get" for any sportscaster. Getting him to talk about his relationship with Phil Jackson and Shaquille O'Neal, plus discuss the sexual assault charges he faced, is just the latest in a series of amazing interviews for Bensinger. We also chat with long toss guru Alan Jaeger, one of the leaders in developing pitchers. His methods have helped some of the top names in pitching, though his techniques are still controversial within a slow-changing game. In addition, we chat about big contracts for replaceable running backs, why the British Open has Scott's attention, and why Jeremy Lin is a symptom of a bigger problem. This episode might last as long as Scott's Ol' Monte Carlo, but like that car, it gets you where we're going.