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97: iTunes Store Store

December 30, 2015 at 9:30AM • 1 hour 5 minutes • Wiki Entry

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Discussion - iOS App Developers’ Apple New Year’s Wish List

All I want for 2016 is…

  • The ability to develop apps on the iPad Pro
    • Maybe just offer a Swift REPL or Swift Playground
  • Better Tools
    • MSDN offers symbols to subscribers for debugging into Windows OS with Visual Studio, Apple should do the same for iOS and Mac OS X debugging. Let us step through the OS code in Xcode so identifying internal bugs can happen faster.
    • Microsoft Symbol Server Info.aspx#using_the_microsoft_symbol_server)
  • More communication and outreach with the app developer community
    • Step 1, Open up the Radar system
    • Newsletter / Community Group / Etc.
    • App camps for girls
    • Groups support and sponsorships
  • Improve on the App Stores
    • Nolan rants about technical underpinning of App Stores and why it will take a top down approach to fix it
    • Monetary split
      • Indie devs are struggling. How about giving the devs a larger percentage of the cut, 10/90 (currently 30/70)
      • How about a sliding scale
        • 1 to 10000 (10/90)
        • 10001 to 100000 (20/80)
        • 100001+ (30/70)
    • Permit subscriptions and trials
    • Trials a far more effective than “Demos” or Free versions. Permit the customer to become attached to a product that when the trial ends they realize they want to pay for it.
    • Permit upgrade pricing
      • Devs can’t just support the same version forever, permit them to discount the cost of upgrading from a previous version so they maintain brand loyalty
      • Example: Version 1 was $10, Version 2 comes out and is $10. Having Version 2 be an upgrade from Version 1 for $5 would really be a value to loyal customers.
    • Permit devs to address their customers’ concerns/reviews
      • Example 1:
        • Customer: Hey! The app doesn’t install when I download it, what a junk app!
        • Dev: I’m sorry that you aren’t able to install! All installs are managed by Apple and a failure to install usually means there is an issue with the new version of the app propagating through Apple’s CDNs and it will take some time for the CDNs to hydrate properly for the install to work. Here’s an Apple support email address for you to share your concern!
      • Example 2:
        • Customer: Hey! I can’t log in anymore! I hate this app!
        • Dev: I’m sorry to hear that, can you provide me your login name or email and I’ll be happy to look into this for you.
      • Good suggestion. The Google Play Store lets you do this.




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