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95: It’s Not About What’s Next; It’s About What’s Important

December 9, 2015 at 11:30AM • 52 minutes • Wiki Entry

Nolan and Darryl speak with special guest Jaimee Newberry about how she redesigned her life through tiny challenges.

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Discussion - An Interview with Jaimee Newberry

No Excuses - tiny steps toward huge life changes

After a 15-year, award-winning design career (web & iOS), Jaimee successfully shifted focus from hands-on product creation to coaching and inspiring world-renowned product teams. Through actionable examples, relatable stories, and constant experimentation she helps companies create more compassionate teams and vastly improved digital products. She also coaches individuals experiencing career stagnance or burnout, she writes, speaks, podcasts, YouTubes, and is an independent mom.

Jaimee made this career shift by applying her typical process for designing a product (website or app) to her life, as if her life were the product. (Sometimes she tried Agile methodologies, UX methods, etc.) She started out with smaller objectives and working through side projects to clear obstacles (aka: excuses) from her path. Jaimee continues doing that through her monthly challenges, which have become playful and exploratory things that grow different skill sets and push her own boundaries of fear and comfort.




  • Open-source Swift: Booleans - With the recent open-sourcing of Swift, Greg Heo dives into the details of Swift’s Bool implementation.

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