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88: Default Default Value

October 14, 2015 at 9:00AM • 56 minutes • Wiki Entry

Tweet Shoutouts

Discussion - Tips for Increasing Productivity in Xcode

About Ashton

  • Developer at Odecee
    • Enterprise application development based in Melbourne and Sydney
    • How long have you been there?
    • What types of projects have you worked on?
  • Frequent? Melbourne Cocoaheads speaker
  • Devoted iOhYes listener and quite possibly the most prolific author of Tweet Shoutouts
    • Darryl and Ashton first met at WWDC’13
  • Social Links


  • Beyond line-based breakpoints: categorical breakpoints

  • Types of Breakpoints
    • All Exception breakpoint
      Stop on any and all Exceptions.

    • Objective-C Exception breakpoint
      Stop on Objective-C Exceptions, eg: NSException.

    • Swift Error breakpoint
      Stop on Swift Errors, e.g.: types conforming to ErrorType.
      New in Xcode 7.1 beta 3.

    • Test Failure breakpoint
      Stop when a Test fails. XCTest and compatible frameworks only.

    • Symbolic Breakpoints
      Stop on a Symbol. A symbol is a selector or method name, or a function name.
      Methods can be scoped to a class.
      eg: pathsMatchingExtensions:
      eg: [SKTLine drawHandlesInView]
      eg: people::Person::name()
      eg: _objc_msgForward

    • OpenGL/ES error breakpoints

    • Symbolic breakpoints
      • Particularly useful for breaking in private API
      • Also handy for performing debugger setup in UIApplicationMain
        • import UIKit
        • Load/init Reveal library (or chisel, or whatever)
  • Breakpoint actions
    • Play sound
    • Execute LLDB command
    • AppleScript or Shell Script
    • Log Message - %B %H @expr@
  • Conditions

  • Options: Continue

  • User breakpoints

  • Shared breakpoints - The only breakpoints feature Ashton doesn’t like

  • Ashton’s User Breakpoints

  • Ashton’s Cocoaheads talk on breakpoints

  • Ashton’s Blog Post on Xcode Breakpoints

  • Reveal

Scheming Defaults

Designable and Inspectable Views in Interface Builder





  • GammaThingy - iOS app you have to build yourself - uses private APIs to implement changing display color temperature. no jailbreak required.
  • Flux

Alternative show title suggestions

  • Another Attack Vector
  • Feature toggle
  • Scheming Default
  • Pro Tips
  • You’re holding it wrong
  • Undocumented features