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85: Overscan

September 23, 2015 at 9:45AM • 60 minutes • Wiki Entry

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  • Apple TV
    • NextMuni
    • Not universal app, separate binary
    • Overscan
    • Can’t set left and right padding on table view
  • 3D Touch
    • Twitter Bookmarks
    • Home icon shortcut menus
    • Dynamic shortcuts are possible
    • Will iPads support 3D touch in the future??
    • How to test, not supported in simulator (currently)
      • Homework: Long press as 3D touch press
    • Conrad Kramer hack on home screen for 3D
  • Impressions of iOS9
    • Left swipe for spotlight search and proactive Siri
    • Proactive app suggestions
    • Upper case / lower case letters on the keyboard itself
    • “Back to” button
    • 40% adoption


Malware version of xCode (incident from this week) XcodeGhost iOS malware




Alternative show title suggestions

  • Apple Ninjas
  • Good???
  • Hate interface builder all over again
  • The view is the table view
  • Calibration Image
  • Monitor Snob
  • This is gonna bite a lot of people
  • Deep Press
  • Inception Tuba
  • Beat the clock
  • Internal 3D touch
  • Any code is a security hole
  • Kinda meh
  • Tinee Tiny

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