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Hosted by Darryl Thomas and John Sextro.

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84: Not on the S-Train

September 17, 2015 at 9:00PM • 1 hour 20 minutes • Wiki Entry

Tweet Shoutouts

Discussion - Apple Event

  • Apple Watch
    • New designer bands
    • New colors
  • iPad Pro
    • Pencil… $99
    • Keyboard $169
  • iPhone
    • 6S, 6S+
    • Force Touch.. I mean, 3D Touch
  • AppleTV
    • Native apps
    • TVML
    • 10/100 ethernet (slight diversion to how crappy this is)



  • @scale conference - great talks and sessions with leaders in engineering including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn and more
  • Dealing with Unreliable Networks - Jess Garms [NOTE: the video has no audio at the moment…hopefully will be fixed soon] - Practical advice coming from how the Twitter apps interact with the network.


  • Fastlane - tools for automating iOS development tasks


  • Piwik iOS SDK - Self-hosted analytics service. Primarily for web, but has an iOS SDK. This isn’t so much a pick as a request for comment. Has anyone used this? What are your thoughts?


  • GitUp - The Git interface you’ve been missing

Alternative show title suggestions

  • More things…to deal with
  • Tears of blood
  • A Thousand Bucks Is A Lot Of Money
  • Question Mark???
  • On the S-Train
  • Don’t kill me
  • Woe be unto thee
  • It’s too late
  • Licensing Dongle
  • Gigger-bit

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