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83: My Name is not Johnny Droptables

September 9, 2015 at 11:30AM • 56 minutes • Wiki Entry

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Note: He actually added Mac OS X Framework, iOS Dynamic Framework, Carthage and CocoaPods support!

Note: The conference Ashton spoke at that Darryl mentioned is DevWorld. He spoke about designable and inspectable views. Ashton’s slides/code can be found here:


What are some nice patterns or not-so-nice anti-patterns/bugs you notice in iOS apps? How can devs go about fixing those problems?

  • Nolan notices
    • Requiring login/signup to use the app
      • My wife’s personal pet-peeve
      • Old app vs Zappos app
    • Suboptimal table views
      • Stuttering
        • Get off the main thread: includes networking and UIImage rendering
      • Content flashing in once it scrolls into view
        • Prefetch content before it comes on screen: can be easy with table view buffering
    • Requesting all permissions on first app launch with no context!
      • On demand prompting
      • Interstitial
        • Even better: don’t indicate they will be prompted, rather outline the feature and why it needs the permissions and have the user explicitly ask to grant permissions (Periscope does something like this )
      • Example: (User selects post a photo) Prompt says something like: “A picture is worth a thousand words. We’d like for you to be able to share any of you iPhone’s photos. By enabling us to access your photo library, you can choose from photos you already have to share with friends and family.” Below is a empty checkmark with text “Enable access to photo library” and below that is a “Close” button. Hitting the checkmark will ask for access and user knows exactly why they were prompted. Hitting close will save the setting as “on” or “off” based on if the checkmark was successfully checked.
  • Chad notices
    • Social login (FB/Twitter) only to ask for username/password/email afterward anyway
    • Bad pull-to-refresh implementations (Apple, Twitter)
  • Darryl notices
    • Lack of accessibility
    • Not conforming to the design language of the platform (Note that I didn’t say HIG)
    • Re-inventing system-provided controls/mechanisms for the provider’s gain, not the user’s
    • Facebook/Twitter/SocialMediaX sign-in as the only option
    • Crappy validation. Example: + is perfectly legal in email addresses
    • Collecting address book information to build a social graph





Alternative show title suggestions

  • Chad’s Right
  • My Two Favorite Words
  • I agree with Chad
  • Stop Crapping Up Your Apps

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