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80: Picking Produce is Hard

August 12, 2015 at 1:30PM • 54 minutes • Wiki Entry

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  • What has Jason been up to?
  • Sharing economy + Mobile (is there anything else on this topic? Chad, if so could you tee up with Jason - ok will do)    * What’s different today as opposed to the days of and Webvan? Why does Instacart work now?





  • Announce baby O’Brien #3
  • CODE: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software - by Charles Petzhold


Alternative show title suggestions

  • I’ll never admit to that
  • Maybe we’ve already talked about this
  • 7 months and 1 day later
  • Those were not the steaks
  • I dressed up as a shark
  • Close to many, many years
  • We’re all like stooges  
  • Some things really matter to people, and other things don’t
  • Picking produce is hard
  • Those goldfish
  • I’m not some kind of grocery expert
  • Admittedly, I’m an engineer
  • The tables have turned!
  • We don’t share that much code
  • We have broken windows
  • N minus 1
  • Buy all THE things!
  • Bananas and Whisky
  • Searching for Bananas
  • You can’t do all the things
  • I do all the things
  • Comfortable
  • My door is plenty secure

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