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78: Soft Skills Are Hard

July 29, 2015 at 9:45AM • 1 hour 10 minutes • Wiki Entry

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  • Programmer vs. Developer vs. Engineer discussion
    • Re: Episode 76
    • Episode 76 had a great topic that was really thought provoking regarding Programmer vs Developer vs Engineer.
    • Everyone can probably has an opinion on what those titles mean
    • Fascinating: we’re inclined to rank things
    • Their all title for someone who makes software or code
    • Maybe “Software Producer” or “Talent” is less biased
    • Code Poet is my favorite (thx John)
  • Alternate views
    • Instead, I like to examine the skills
    • Instead of Programmer vs Developer vs Engineer; look at Programming, Development and Engineering as buckets of skills
  • Full-time Equivalent

The 5 skills

  • Hacking * bringing together a system of potentially disparate computer apps/tools/functions to achieve a goal * Gluing together anything you can get your hands on to build a workflow or solution takes talent and skill * Often the goal of Hacking is really “discovery” or “exploration”
  • Movie Reference: Hackers
  • Programming
    • writing code/scripts to pull together potentially disparate functionality and/or frameworks to achieve a goal
    • You create a whole that is more valuable than the sum of its parts
    • amassing and consuming huge amounts of knowledge about APIs and Frameworks that are available and then using them effectively
  • Development
    • the process of bringing together talent, ideas and requirements to build a new application or feature
    • Deals with other people and takes input from all over to build something new
    • it’s inherently collaborative and requires other skills like interpersonal skills and communications skills
    • often called soft skills which I find ironic because it’s so hard
  • Engineering
    • the use of science and creativity to solve complex problems
    • It needs an academic foundation combined with creativity and ingenuity to solve hard problems
    • These skills get amplified in value when complemented by others who can fill in any knowledge or skill gaps
  • Architecture
    • the design of a large complex system or application that requires numerous contributors to fully implement
    • it is a skillset that can envision, design, and clearly document and communicate a complex system in a cogent way that everyone tasked with implementing the system are able to apply their skills to succeed with little or no impediment?




  • deferring (haha) to Nolan



  • Apple Radar
    • Everyone should file bugs and feature requests
  • Open Radar
    • Dupe any bugs/requests that you can to open radar
    • Be a community
    • Share your Open Radar with us.  Any radar we can get on board with we will mention on the show and dupe to Apple Radar ourselves.
  • Quick Radar

Alternative show title suggestions

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  • Full-time Equivalent
  • Spam Killer
  • Hex Editor
  • Not the Southern Kind of Cracker
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  • Software is easy, people are hard
  • Sell yourself
  • I’m a svengali
  • Getting my hemispheres correct
  • All the ripples
  • String this racket
  • Skin this cat
  • Made with catgut
  • I Try To Avoid Titles
  • I make people smile and sometimes cry