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Hosted by Darryl Thomas and John Sextro.

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76: Code Poet

July 15, 2015 at 3:45PM • 45 minutes • Wiki Entry

We discuss what it means to be a software developer and the differences between programmer, developer and engineer (if there really are any differences). Do you think there's a difference or should there be a difference in those terms? Let us know. Send a tweet to @iohyespodcast

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Discussion - What is our Job?

  • Are we engineers? Are we developers? What’s the difference?
  • Differences among organization sizes
    • Startups/Small Businesses tend to encourage the wearing of many hats
    • Large organizations prefer standardized, specific roles
    • How can we best adapt to these differences
  • Some thoughts from those speaking on this topic on the Internet




Alternative show title suggestions

  • Nitty Gritty Details
  • ding-Oh-bytes
  • Job on the whole
  • Role definitions
  • Tiny, tiny cog
  • Pumped in pizza, get out code
  • Love 30 page document
  • Office politics