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74: Are we ever gonna give this up?

June 24, 2015 at 9:15AM • 40 minutes • Wiki Entry

We talk with author and app developer Jeff Kelley about his new book, Developing for Apple Watch (Your App on Their Wrists). We grill him on the book writing process, the difficulties of writing the book before he had the watch and things to come with WatchOS.

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  • Interview with Jeff Kelley @slaunchaman
    • Jeff was first on iOhYes all the way back in episode 3 when he joined us live in studio while visiting St. Louis to speak at StrangeLoop
    • Developing for Apple Watch (Your App on Their Wrists), published by The Pragmatic Programmers in their Pragmatic express series
      • (Pragmatic exPress is a new kind of book: short, focused, and right to the point. Readers can pick it up and get hands on with the good stuff in under 100 pages or so.)
    • Buy the book
    • What is your favorite use case for the Watch?
    • What was challenging about writing this book?
    • How does the move to native apps for the Watch change things?
    • Are you already working on a new version or the next book based on the announcements from WWDC?
    • How long will it be before we are able to order pizza from our Watches?




Jeff Kelley

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