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58: Episode 58 - Collision Detection

March 6, 2015 at 6:30AM • 51 minutes • Wiki Entry

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The Discussion

Sprite Kit using Swift

  • Sprite Kit Basics
    • Projects are organized into Scenes
    • The Scene Editor
      • Allows you to visually layout sprites and components of a scene.
    • SKView - like other views but contains a sprite kit scene
    • SKScene
    • SKSpriteNode
    • SKAction
    • Comes with a physics engine built right in….Niiiiice!
      • Physics World
        • Included in Scenes by default
        • Configurable
        • Gravity
        • Physics Bodies
        • Contact Delegate for collision detection
          • Implement SKPhysicsContactDelegate
    • Sprite Kit and Scene Kit
      • 3d vs 2d
    • Sprite Kit vs. Unity
      • Sprite Kit
        • Native
        • Free
      • Unity
        • Cross-platform
        • Superior visual scene designer
        • Built-in asset store
        • More powerful??? Than sprite kit / scene kit

Open Source Project of the Week

HLSpriteKit from Karl Voskuil Includes gesture target, layout manager, custom SKNode subclasses, extended scene




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