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53: Episode 53 - Good Enough is Good Enough

January 23, 2015 at 1:00PM • 1 hour 3 minutes • Wiki Entry

With our Special Guest, Nolan O'Brien

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The Discussion

  • Time Estimation and Deadlines for development projects/tasks
    • What are your techniques? Are they effective/accurate?
    • Estimating with a team vs. by yourself
    • If you’re doing UI work (w/ or w/o a designer) vs. non-UI work
    • How often do you reassess your estimation?
    • When do you admit that your estimation is wrong or you won’t make your deadline?
    • How to prioritize tasks when a deadline is looming and not everything will get done?

Project Management Triangle

Open-Source Project of the Week


Nolan O'Brien

  • SimPholders 2.0
    • A rewrite of simpholders in Swift.  A tool for viewing your iOS Simulator folders, the apps installed and what was recently run.  Great tool now that Simulators are unreadable GUIDs.


  • NSHipster (Nate Cook) - JavaScriptCore A deep dive into using JSContext and related classes to evaluate JavaScript on iOS. Among the many use cases for JavaScriptCore is game scripting (although LUA is perhaps a more popular solution), which may come in handy for a future episode of iOhYes.



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