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52: Episode 52 - However You Work Best

January 15, 2015 at 2:00AM • 1 hour 11 minutes • Wiki Entry

Hosts: John Sextro, Chad Etzel and Darryl H. Thomas Audio Engineer and Post-Producer: Darryl H. Thomas

Released Friday, January 16, 2015

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The Discussion

  • The Open-Office Trap published in the New Yorker, by Maria Konnikova
    • 1997 - The University of Calgary study (before, 4 weeks after and 6 months after)
      • Disruptive, stressful, cumbersome, dissatisfied, resentful
      • Productivity fell
    • 2005 Study
      • When workers couldn’t change the way that things looked, adjust the lighting and temperature, or choose how to conduct meetings, spirits plummeted.
    • johnsextro This article sounds like a bunch of crying from a pretentious primadonna
    • Types of open floor plans
      • the blank slate - just tables and chairs
      • moveable walls - rolling or sliding walls/whiteboards used to create separation
      • Team Area / Pit / Bullpen - semi-private partitions, not easily reconfigured
  • John’s opinions
    • Cubicles, they suck
      • False sense of privacy
      • They don’t contain nor block noise
      • They get in the way and are a waste of space
    • Offices, slight better but still bad
      • They can contain and block noise
      • But they are a terribly inefficient use of space
      • Stifling to collaboration and fascist
  • Darryl’s opinions (read: facts)
    • Open floor plans, they suck
      • Amusing article (
      • Workers are left with no sense of personal space as a company grows
      • The universally proposed “solution” to noise is headphones, read: OTHER NOISE
      • People feel free to interrupt your workflow in person, as if IM and email wasn’t bad enough
      • Note: I think this actually works well for teams up to 10 quiet people (no phone calls, etc), beyond that, it’s untenable
      • My favored compromise solution: Bullpen cubes (cubes that can accommodate teams of 4-5 people)
    • Cubicles, I hated them until I no longer had them
      • I miss my partitions
      • Cubes actually do affect noise levels: they discourage yelling across the room and deflect and diffuse/absorb audio a bit (when built properly)
    • Shared offices, I love ‘em
      • Office with up to 3 occupants
      • Can get cramped, but with good office-mates, it’s pretty harmonious
      • Especially good if your office mate is always going to meetings (and you aren’t)

Open-Source Project of the Week

  • Sleipnir, BDD framework
    • Sleipnir is not dependent of NSObject
    • Sleipnir is not using XCTest



  • 30th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference (#csun15, San Diego, March 2-6, 2015) As the name implies, this is a conference related to technology and how we make it accessible to those with disabilities. I’ll be attending for the first time. Traditionally web-heavy, there are a few iOS-specific sessions this year in addition to several sessions that are universally useful regardless of platform. Early-bird registration ($455) ends February 3, 2015



  • Ninjevade - developed by a friend of mine, Matt Burton. He just recently released it to iTunes.

Alternative show title suggestions

  • Rail against the environment
  • Bullpen
  • 5by5
  • Code of Conduct
  • Rage coding
  • Do that thing
  • You and your damn physics
  • There was a ‘B’ somewhere
  • Those germs can move