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50: Episode 50 - Frog Casting

December 13, 2014 at 6:00AM • 52 minutes • Wiki Entry

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The Discussion

  • WatchKit / Pebble
    • WatchKit design decisions: code runs in the phone, not on the watch. API is synchronous, but with no getters.
    • The big success of WatchKit is making the API transport-agnostic: no mention of Bluetooth.
      • It may even use Ad-Hoc Wifi to send larger amounts of data.
    • General confusion around the limitations of WatchKit:
      • It’s NOT the API to make watch apps, but a way to extend iOS apps by “projecting” data to the watch.
      • Native apps coming later.
    • A win of making watch apps extensions is that, at least for now, the user doesn’t need to manage which apps you install on the watch, eliminating one of the frictions of the Pebble.
      • Another consequence is it eliminates the need to log into apps separately for the watch, like you have to do with Pebble apps.
      • Apple needs to get App Store discovery right.
    • beta 2 released today (Dec. 10); API changes in 8.2b2
      • [WKInterfaceController +openParentApplication:reply:]
      • [UIApplicationDelegate -application:handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:reply:]
        • From the docs: “A dictionary containing data to return to the WatchKit app. The contents of the dictionary must be serializable to a property list file. The contents of this dictionary are at your discretion and you may specify nil.” (emphasis our own)
      • Default row appearance in WKInterfaceTable, which can be overridden by specifying bg color, margin, corner radius and height in IB
      • Blog post by _DavidSmith
    • Lister example app updated today w/ Watch extension (app and glance)

Open-Source Project of the Week



  • Bobler, a micro-podcasts app (Instagram for audio?) follow Jason (@jak_)


  • Build Phase, a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design. Hosted by Thoughtbot developers Mark Adams and Gordon Fontenot. Lots of discussions related to TDD, architectural design and an exploration of functional programming with Swift.

Javier Soto 

  • MMWormhole, a clever cross-process message passing implementation

John Sextro 

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