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Hosted by Darryl Thomas and John Sextro.

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48: Episode 48 - Unicorn Designer

November 21, 2014 at 1:30PM • 60 minutes • Wiki Entry

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The Discussion

  • WatchKit has been released: we’ll cover this in-depth in a later episode, but let’s discuss initial reactions briefly.
  • Learning to program in Swift from a designer’s perspective
    • Why learn to program? (12 min)
      • Does learning to program help the designer communicate with engineers?
    • What is recommendation for mockups to other designers (18 min)
    • What approach are you taking?
    • Will this knowledge help you understand the trade offs between out of the box UI and custom? (28 min)
    • How do you deal with MVP demands in UI design? (38 min)
      • Key interactions
        • Base level functionality
        • UX
      • Closed loop system
      • Open loop system
    • What has been the most surprising aspect of learning Swift? (44 min)
    • Difference: learning Obj-C vs. Swift (47 min)
    • What pitfalls have you run into, and how have you overcome them?
    • How can we as engineers better communicate in terms a designer will relate to?

 Open-Source Project of the Week

A great open-source resource was my classmates work on Github. We had to submit work using Github and it quickly became a great resource for looking at other classmates’ code. If you search for “CodePath” and filter for Swift on Github, you’ll find many of the designer and engineering assignments for the Swift classes.





  • Dash API Docs for iOS The API documentation you know and love from OS X is now available as an iOS app. Personally, I don’t find myself searching API docs on mobile devices all that frequently, but I see this as another way to support Bogdan Popescu’s efforts. I use the Mac app all the time.

Dave Bellona 

  • Matthew Sander’s iOS posts on animations, custom segues, and adaptive layouts in Swift. He’s a designer at Us Two, the firm that developed Monument Valley. Great resource for for beginners and intermediate designers who code.
  • Ivo Mynttinen’s iOS Design Guidelines is a solid breakdown of screen resolutions, design elements, and patterns on iOS 8.

Alternative show title suggestions

  • The why
  • Slow code
  • Modal Segue
  • Hidden behind the longpress
  • Farting out apps / Facebook farting out apps
  • Bourbon guy
  • Fix that redundancy
  • Red dots with white circles
  • Thank you Swift
  • Accent grave
  • Accent aigu
  • Obj-C for 2nd graders