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Hosted by Darryl Thomas and John Sextro.

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47: Episode 47 - Ripped Off

November 14, 2014 at 1:30PM • 56 minutes • Wiki Entry

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The Discussion

  • TestFlight Beta Testing
    • Getting started
      • Xcode
      • iTunes Connect
    • Inviting Beta Testers
      • Internal vs. External
    • Does this mean that other beta testing services are “Sherlocked”?
      • HockeyApp, etc.
    • Should people using other beta testing tools migrate?
      • Are there advantages to being part of this ecosystem?
      • Are there advantages to staying away from TestFlight?
      • Does TestFlight give you anything special that you can’t get from another service?

 Open-Source Project of the Week

2048, An open source version of the game “2048”

git clone

Is this damaging to the original developer of the game or does this follow the old adage, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”

Darryl’s opinion:

  • Article on the “Threes ripped off by 1024, which is in turn ripped off by 2048” “controversy”: 2048’s Massive Popularity Triggers Cloning Controversy - Kotaku
  • At what point does a game define a new genre, which makes cloning inevitable? If game mechanics vary slightly, is that enough of a distinction? (I think so, but there are many who would consider the game mechanics to be every bit as much of the “art” as the game’s content.)

Jason's opinion:

  • The market usually doesn’t care about fairness. Being an indie developer means running a business. Businesses must always be evolving to “put themselves out of business” or else your competitors or copycats will.




  • Dave Verwer’s iOS dev weekly
    • Weekly (obviously) curated iOS development videos / articles / stories
    • Sponsored job postings from great companies
    • Available by email (recommended) and the web


  • Armchair - App Review Manager written in Swift for iOS and OS X
    • Similar to UAAppReviewManager and Appirater but 100% Swift, works on iOS and OS X
    • Prompts the user to rate your app only after passing the rules that you have established.
    • Very configurable



Alternative show title suggestions

  • Cordial Cherry
  • Dr. Jak
  • Shut up
  • Break my own rule
  • Recused
  • Piecemeal solutions
  • Defining Genre
  • Autorelease pool
  • Leak out
  • Cascading Pool Draining