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46: Episode 46 - Other Kinds of C's

October 31, 2014 at 8:00PM • 57 minutes • Wiki Entry

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John is on “special assignment” this week, so we have decided to play for you a previously unreleased discussion we think you all will enjoy.

The Discussion

  • OO Inheritance vs Composition (w/ iOS related examples)
    • The problems of Inheritance in things like UIViewControllers
      • ViewController vs TableViewController split inheritance tree problem
    • Composition
      • What is it? How is it different than Inheritance?
      • Chad’s Twitter Login Helper example
      • Axiom - Prefer composition over inheritance
    • Dependency injection
    • SOLID
      • Single Responsibility principle (SRp)
      • Open closed principle (OCp)
      • Liskov Substitution principle (LSp)
      • Interface Segregation principle (ISp)
      • Dependency inversion principle (DIp), depend on abstraction, not concretions.
    • Advanced User Interfaces with Collection Views - WWDC 2014 Session 232

 Open-Source Project of the Week





  • Playgrounds for Objective-C - Kryzsztof Zablocki Uses the iOS simulator to provide quick prototyping/parameter tweaking similar to Swift Playgrounds (but faster). Includes a demonstration video. Source available on GitHub and as a CocoaPod, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Alternative show title suggestions

  • OO in the dark ages
  • Is-A vs. Has-A
  • Don’t use this in production
  • Late to the composition train
  • Everything implements Rectangle
  • Throw out the baby with the bath water
  • Let’s talk about biology
  • A dog has legs
  • Overclock with Coffee
  • You’re fired
  • I don’t want you to use Emoji