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Hosted by Darryl Thomas and John Sextro.

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45: Episode 45 - Special Applesauce

October 17, 2014 at 2:15PM • 1 hour 14 minutes • Wiki Entry

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The Discussion

  • Sextro Apologizes to Lastpass
  • What apps are using size classes with great success?
    • Adam’s experience
      • Story boards/XIBs
      • Scaling/Sizing
      • Death to Paper Prototypes
      • Turning IB over to UI Designers
      • Previews
      • Problems with keeping designs in sync
  • Mobile Payments
    • Who are the big players / competitors?
      • Google Wallet, PayPass, PayWave, ISIS (LOL)
    • Technologies
      • NFC
        • Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, now Apple w/ Apple Pay
      • Secure Enclave and Secure Element - Apple Security Docs, pp 24-29
        • Secure Enclave - Coprocessor on A7
        • Secure Element - Java on the iPhone!??!
      • EMV/JavaCard - EuroPay, Mastercard, Visa, how most CC transactions are made outside of US. Coming to US 2015.
  • Apple Pay

 Open-Source Project of the Week

Apple Pay Stubs from Stripe

Provides a mock payments ViewController (w/ test credit cards, addresses, etc.) for testing  integration with PassKit / Apple Pay.

git clone

Android Ink





Alternative show title suggestions

  • Band back together
  • There are no bugs
  • I’m back. I gotta whole new earring.
  • Soft Crash
  • Right now
  • Big PITA
  • Miscommunication abounds
  • A large team, like an 8-person team ;)
  • Philosophical hump
  • Pixel-perfectness
  • Diff with Diff
  • Special Applesauce
  • Super-dork