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40: Episode 40 - They both have a bump?

September 12, 2014 at 2:30PM • 1 hour 21 minutes • Wiki Entry

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The Discussion

  • iPhone 6 (4.7”) and iPhone 6 Plus (5.5”) [caption id="" align="alignright" width="190"]JNCO Jeans JNCO Jeans[/caption]
    • Retina HD
      • 326ppi @ 1334x750 (compare to iPhone 5: 1136x640, same ppi)
      • 401ppi @ 1920x1080
      • Apps that have not been updated for adaptive layout are scaled up
    • Dual domain pixels - accurate colors at wider angles of view
    • Plus has 185% more pixels than 5s
      • Does the Plus have the GPU horsepower to drive this, or are we in the same situation as the first Retina iPad?
      • We’re probably in good shape: the 5s has oodles of GPU to spare, and the A8 has up to 50% greater performance, according to Apple.
      • Screen not all that different from an iPad Air, which had an A7 in it
      • Relevant:
    • Very thin, but at the cost of a protruding camera.  They both have a bump?
    • What do you get with a ridiculously large phone?
      • Need a pair of JNCO Jeans to fit the 6 Plus in your pocket
      • Plus leverages adaptive layout to provide "regular" size-class content when in landscape. (Referred to as 2-up in the keynote)
      • Expanded keyboard in landscape: Cut, copy, paste, etc
      • Springboard supports landscape
      • Sleep/wake button moves to the side
      • Reachability slides the top of the screen down so you can reach it.
        • Is this a necessary concession of ridiculous phone size?
        • Will we see the iPad adopt this?
    • A8 SoC
      • 2 billion transistors (up from 1 billion)
      • 20-nanometer process
      • 13% smaller than A7
      • Looks like the performance gain curve may be beginning to flatten (but we need more data)
      • …but maybe it’s a conscious trade-off to gain 50% greater energy efficiency??
    • Obligatory game demo
    • M8 Motion Coprocessor
      • Adds a barometer for relative elevation
      • Can estimate distance
    • Carrier Aggregation for faster LTE
    • Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) - Simultaneous voice and data
    • WiFi Calling (T-Mobile & EE for now)
    • Better camera (Surprise!!!!) and better processing
      • Pretty significant improvements. Too many to enumerate
      • Plus supports optical image stabilization
  • Apple Pay
    • $12B/year in cc/debit transactions in the U.S.
    • Contrived video showing how difficult using a card is
      • She even fumbled while removing her card from its sleeve
      • Is paying with a card really so inconvenient
    • Followed by a video showing how easy Apple Pay is
    • “Secure Element” chip stores device-specific payment info on the device
      • Credit card number is not stored
    • Single-use payment numbers and dynamic security codes for each transaction!
      • Darryl has wanted this to be the standard for quite a while (Tweets from 2011)
    • Apple does not collect transaction details
    • Developer APIs available via PassKit (Getting started with Apple Pay PDF)
    • Nick Arnott (@noir): 9/10/14, 7:11 AM 220,000 locations sounds like a lot until you realize that’s out of roughly 14.26 million credit card terminals in the US. Long way to go.
    • Very clear write-up by Nick Arnott on iMore: Apple Pay and security: What you need to know
  • Apple Watch (One more thing…)
    • Starts at $350, iPhone required - This is definitely an accessory item
    • Flexible Retina display - single-crystal-thick sapphire
      • Touch- and force-sensitive
    • Gyroscope and accelerometer built in, but location relies on phone, so you’ll still need to bring it with you when you exercise
    • Really interesting input/navigation
    • “Glances” mini-widgets
    • LOLling at the zoomed-out photo collection view
    • Was Yo on to something? Apple seems to think so, given their “communicate with taps” feature
    • Is this watch thin enough?
    • Apple has always limited its product lines to simplify purchase decisions. Is this lineup too broad?
    • Why the emphasis on +/- 50ms accuracy?
    • WatchKit (No link available yet)
      • Actionable notifications
      • Apps
      • Glances


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