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35: Episode 35 - Emotional Attachment

July 17, 2014 at 7:00AM • 1 hour 8 minutes • Wiki Entry


We discontinued the news segment of the show to allow us to focus more on creating meaningful and deep discussions on topics affecting iOS developers.

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The Discussion

  • Accessibility for Apps
    • Neem and Darryl
      • Advocates for blind, deaf want more from Apple
      • Power of Selective Quoting
      • Marco Arment's response: Apple’s App Review Should Test Accessibility
      • xScope 4 - A powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting & testing on-screen graphics and layouts. (Including tools for testing for color blindness issues)
      • Craig Hockenberry's comments on Twitter
        @gruber Doing VoiceOver in Twitterrific wasn't easy/cheap, but was the right thing to do. The only "profit" is hearing how it helps people.
        @gruber As making a profit with apps gets harder every day, doing the extra accessibilty work is the first thing to get chopped.
        @gruber Apple CAN do something about making it profitable to implement accessibilty. Surprising that there's no App Store section for it…
      • Maccessibility Podcast
        Maccessibility is devoted to connecting, compiling, and providing easy access to the best resources for blind, visually impaired, and other disability groups using Apple products. It is maintained by a dedicated group of visually impaired volunteers, who are Apple enthusiasts themselves.
      • Apple: Accessibility for Developers
    • Jason and John
      • The categories of disablement
        • Sight (Blindness, low visibility, color blindness)
        • Hearing
        • Touch Interaction
        • Voice Interaction
      • Neem says, “People don’t care about accessibility.”  Is that true?  What factors affect our caring?
      • Should we really put accessibility of apps into the same category as wheelchair ramps, mother’s nursing rooms and other legislation driven solutions?
      • Why is this different from making applications on computers accessible? Is it different?
      • Are there apps that should be required to be “accessible”?
        • Should Apple enforce accessibility for these apps?
        • What about a self rating system allowing a developer to indicate a yes/no for accessibility.


John (@johnsextro)

Jason (@jak)

  • Realm ( - mobile, soon-to-be cross platform, database
    • Not built on SQLite
    • Migrations, thread-safety, querying
    • Standalone desktop app for browsing /updating DBs
    • Android coming soon