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32: Episode 32 - Rage Against Swift

June 3, 2014 at 9:45AM • 1 hour 6 minutes • Wiki Entry

WWDC Keynote Flashcast

We're departing from our usual format this episode to bring you a special post-keynote roundtable discussion of Apple's exciting announcements.

Apologies for the audio quality: we had some difficulties, but we wanted to get this episode to you as quickly as possible.

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@NolanOBrien - great show this week. @goaway was a great guest to have. @jazzychad tcp/ip com as a service instead of HTTP? I like it!

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The Discussion

  1. WWDC - What’s the show floor like?
  2. iOS 8 - Extensions, Widgets, TouchID API,
    1. Compatibility - iPad 2, 4s. wow
    2. Enterprise - Peer to Peer Airplay, no Wifi necessary
    3. Kits - Cloudkit, HomeKit, HealthKit, PhotoKit, SceneKit
    4. Hand-Off
  3. Swift - Hoo boy. Who saw this coming?
    1. Why?
    2. Playground
  4. XCode 6 - IB Live rendering, View Debugging, Performance Tests, iOS Dynamic Framework support
    1. View Debugging - So good. Basically revealapp
    2. Cocoa Touch Framework - built in support
    3. Application Extension list - Action, custom keyboard, doc picker, share, today
    4. Previewing - orientations, localizations
    5. No refactoring, No mocking
  5. CloudDrive - Amazon Competitor?


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