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31: Episode 31 - Limited by the Speed of Light

May 16, 2014 at 3:45AM • 59 minutes • Wiki Entry

The News

  1. Apple rumored to buy Beats for $3.2B
  2. Apple planning iPad split screening in iOS 8

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The Discussion

  1. SPDY overview,
  2. Why is SPDY important to mobile / iOS developers?
    1. Why not just straight HTTP?
      1. TCP “Slow Start” helps protect the network, but isn’t really necessary anymore and is a shortcoming of HTTP today.
    2. Reduce round trips
    3. Multiplexes requests
      1. prioritization
      2. interleaving
      3. gets rid of “head of line” blocking
    4. Header compression
      1. headers are bloated and redundant
    5. Server Push (pseudo duplexing)
  3. CocoaSPDY
    1. How does one integrate it into existing apps?
    2. Any gotchas?
      1. CRIME Attack
      2. Content hinting by size of the compression
    3. Downsides?
      1. Need a server that supports SPDY
        1. netty
        2. jetty
        3. apache (with mod_spdy)
        4. nginx
        5. Tengine
    4. Any improvements / new features on the way?
      1. “Server Push” coming soon
    5. In with AFNetworking
    6. How can developers contribute?
      1. Github
      2. @goaway
  4. Recommended server implementations?
  5. “SPDY does not clearly outperform HTTP over cellular networks” -
    1. Heterogeneous nature of mobile networks makes it difficult to quantify performance


Mike (@goaway)

Jason (@jak)

  • Viewfinder open sources entire stack (including iOS app)