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21: Episode 21 - Jason's Life Story

October 6, 2013 at 11:30PM • 1 hour 1 minute • Wiki Entry

The News

  1. iPhone 5s and 5c (5s outpacing 5c ~ 3:1)
  2. App Store offers “last compatible version” install
  3. iOS 7 at ~ 65%, less than 1 week after release

The Discussion

  1. “Made for iOS 7”
    1. Has the new design language of iOS 7 made it even more difficult to differentiate apps from one another?
    2. Do we think these apps “take advantage” of the iOS 7 hotness? Do Apple’s apps take advantage of these? (blur / depth / etc.)
    3. Do Apple’s own apps realize the “promise of iOS 7”?
    4. “Confusing UI in iOS7"
  2. isYoMamaWearsCombatBootsSupported
  3. 64-bit migration
    1. What are the pain points?
    2. What are the wins?
    3. Could this mean more RAM in future devices on the IOS platform?
  4. Future-proofing your app
    1. How far do we go to manage API changes, DB migrations, etc.
    2. How much is too much?
    3. Best strategies for deprecating builds?
  5. What every iOS dev should do day 1
    1. Setup logging/analytics
    2. Setup crash reporting
    3. Monitor your app rating

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