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117: Twenty Out Of Twenty Is Bad

August 24, 2016 at 11:15AM • 32 minutes • Wiki Entry

Discussion: Energy Profiler

For more info see Ep. 104, Power Struggles

  • Apple really wants us to be good citizens of the battery.
  • Apps that quickly drain the battery will be shunned by users
    • Remember the Facebook background audio “bug” (some say ploy to allow the fb app to stay alive in background)
  • “App as patient” metaphor
  • iOS Energy Gauge / Energy Report
    • provides a high-level overview of energy usage as you test your app
  • Energy logging on phone
    • Good for long periods of data collection
  • Energy Instrument
    • for best results, target an iOS device wirelessly (I wasn’t able to get this working because you need Bonjour and multicast enabled on your wireless network access point)
    • 20 / 20 is bad, 1 / 20 is good
  • Energy experts at Apple recommend
    • Do it never (Do it less)
    • Do it later
      • Use the background activity scheduler APIs
    • Do it more efficiently



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