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111: Make Buttons Great Again

June 1, 2016 at 5:30PM • 1 hour 1 minute • Wiki Entry

Discussion - WWDC Wish List


  • Get serious about home automation, maybe make Apple TV an automation hub
  • Siri as a Service (3rd party integration)
  • Refactoring for Swift (in Xcode)
  • Announce date to sunset Obj-C
  • Xcode for iPad Pro


  • More voice command vocabulary. Something like AppleScript dictionaries?
  • Make Buttons Great Again
  • Better accessibility hierarchy visualization tools built into Xcode
  • Additional accessibility tools for checking things like color contrast.
  • Improved dynamic font API, better support for font replacement in IB
  • Upgrade pricing/trials
  • Faster watch app loading. A way of deferring the most expensive parts?
  • Simulators and Xcode bots for Linux?

Past Wish Lists



  • Samuel Ford’s Blog - Discovered as a part of the Swift dynamism conversation. Pretty good stuff.


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