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106: Push It to the Limit

April 4, 2016 at 8:00PM • 53 minutes • Wiki Entry


Push Notification Overview

  • Notifications
    • Intended for user
    • Certificate required
    • Can be disabled
    • Remote vs. Local
      • Local - schedule by the app on device
        • Best example is Reminders app
        • Schedule by
          • elapsed time or exact time
          • location based
      • Remote - come from your server
  • Actions
    • Interactive Notifications
    • Categories
  • Text Input

    • New type of “Action”
    • Behavior is “.textInput”
  • APNS (Apple Push Notification Service)

    • Device token created by APNS, need to store on server, associated with particular client app
    • Payload must include aps, but can also include custom values, as well
    • Payload “aps dictionary”: alert (string or dictionary), badge, sound, content-available, category
    • Payload alert dictionary: title, body, title-loc-key, title-loc-args, action-loc-key, loc-key, loc-args, launch-image
    • Silent notifications (content-available == 1) wakes your app in the background so that you can fetch data, etc.
    • Feedback service, how to discover tokens that are no longer active
    • Device tokens are 32 bytes, may be increasing to 100 bytes soon
    • New provider API released in 2015
      • HTTP/2
        • notification requests to APNS get a response
        • multiplexed
        • binary
      • Notification requests
        • POST
        • json
      • Notification responses
        • 200 OK
        • 400 BAD REQUEST with json payload and reason
      • Instant Feedback
        • Allows you to learn about inactive tokens in the notification response via 410 status code in the response
      • Simplified Certificate Handling
        • Now one certificate for all push actions
      • Push notifications payload size increased from 2KB to 4KB

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