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100: There Were Complications

February 3, 2016 at 2:00AM • 53 minutes • Wiki Entry

Thanks for sticking with us through 100 episodes!

Discussion: Complications with ClockKit

  • Extension running on the Watch
  • Provides text and images for the complication, watchOS draws it
  • Data is collected in the form of a timeline
  • You determine how dense the timeline is
  • Works with Time Travel feature
  • Complication Families - CLKComplicationFamily
    • Modular Small
    • Modular Large
    • Utilitarian Small
    • Utilitarian Large
    • Circular Small
  • Complication Layout CLKComplicationTemplate
    • Header image
    • Header text
    • Body 1 text
    • Body 2 text
  • CLKImageProvider

  • CLKText Provider

  • Timelines

    • CLKComplicationTimelineEntry
      • Contains NSDate and CLKComplicationTemplate
    • CLKComplicationDataSource protocol
  • CLKComplicationServer

    • Used to obtain active complications and to request refresh/update of timelines



  • iOS 9.3 Beta 2 - Release Notes - Apple reserves two-letter prefixes for use in framework classes. When naming your own classes, please use a three-letter prefix. The guidelines can be reviewed here: (


  • Cook Watcher - An extremely simple cooker simulator demonstrating the implementation of Complications


  • PipSpin A new game from my friend Matt Burton. Developed with Unity. Available on iOS and Android.

Alternative show title suggestions

  • Epic Episode 100
  • Complication Families
  • Temporal in nature
  • Overly complicated complications
  • Geoduck Digging
  • It’s Complicated

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