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Hosted by Darryl Thomas and John Sextro.

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10: Episode 10 - Grokumentation

February 12, 2013 at 12:30AM • 53 minutes • Wiki Entry

The News

New Search API in Map Kit Now Available (more)

Apple Increases iPad with Retina Display to 128GB (more)

The Discussion

2012 LLVM Developer's Meeting

  • Watch videos and slides from meeting for possible Obj-c features (more)
  • Native documentation support - syntactic and parsed (more)
  • Module support - header problems, possible removal of split interface/implementation files (more)

Code Documentation

  • Types - API docs vs. comments
  • Necessity - Argument: code should be self documenting; Counter: edge cases are not grokable
  • Freshness - How do you keep comments fresh? LLVM discussion
  • Utility - Do developers actually use them (api or comments)

iOS Picks

Adam Axe

John Sextro

Jason Kozemczak