The Incomparable

The Incomparable

A weekly dive into geeky media we love, including movies, books, TV, comics, and more. Jason Snell talks with a rotating panel of regular guests including John Siracusa, Dan Moren, Steve Lutz, Serenity Caldwell, Scott McNulty, and Glenn Fleishman. Winner of the 2012 Parsec Award for best fan podcast!

Hosted by Jason Snell.

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What If Galactus Was Made of Jello?

October 11, 2013 at 10:00pm • 1 hour 8 minutes • Wiki EntryAfter Dark

The winner of our iTunes review contest had us read John Birmingham's "Weapons of Choice," which our Book Club used as a jumping-off point to talk about alt-history novels, time travel, military SF, and a whole lot more. You don't need to read the book to appreciate the episode! Plus: What are we reading?

Special guests David J. Loehr & Scott McNulty.

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Thanks to contest winner Dave Gaukroger.