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The Ihnatko Almanac is a weekly discussion that mostly focuses on the Clickable Arts: the movies, music, books, comics, articles, and other bits of entertainment and news that Andy and Dan have been reaching through a mouse click recently. Warning: the Almanac is a designated meme-free zone. We prefer our pianos to be played by expert human artists, not by poorly-Photoshopped cats.

Hosted by Andy Ihnatko and Dan Benjamin.

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45: How Many Times Can You Blow Up New York?

October 11, 2012 at 11:45AM • 1 hour 5 minutes • Wiki Entry

Andy and Moisés Chiullan (host of 5by5's Screen Time) discuss Andy's answers to the questions asked on Marvel editor Tom Brevoort's Formspring. In doing so, they delve into the deep, dark problems that trouble today's comic nerds. Will they steer clear of the Negative Zone, or will their assault on repetitiveness and their defense of Ant Man come at any cost? Beware, some Namor, Black Panther, and Storm-related AvX spoilers reside within, 5by5ers!

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