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The Ihnatko Almanac is a weekly discussion that mostly focuses on the Clickable Arts: the movies, music, books, comics, articles, and other bits of entertainment and news that Andy and Dan have been reaching through a mouse click recently. Warning: the Almanac is a designated meme-free zone. We prefer our pianos to be played by expert human artists, not by poorly-Photoshopped cats.

Hosted by Andy Ihnatko and Dan Benjamin.

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42: You Know What 42 Means

September 14, 2012 at 5:30PM • 53 minutes • Wiki Entry

Andy reports in from San Francisco this week. He is joined by the fill-in Wong to Andy's Sorcerer Supreme, Moisés Chiullan (host of Screen Time here on 5by5). Together, The Uncanny Unpronounceables (last names, that is) discuss Apple's recent event, the benefits of Up In the Air-style minimalist travel, and Apple's transition into the post-Next Big Thing era. If our dynamic duo does their job, this week the Almanac will finally deliver and delight with the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. This episode also brought to you by Brawndo: it's what dudes crave.

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