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Home Work

A weekly advice podcast for people who work from home, whether freelancer or telecommuter. We address listener-submitted questions, comments and concerns about all aspects of working from home. You can submit your questions here.

Hosted by Dave Caolo and Harry Marks.

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28: GTD on the Go

September 28, 2012 at 5:00AM • 36 minutes • Wiki Entry

It's usually very easy to maintain a productivity system at our desks with all of our fancy tools. But sometimes us home workers need to leave the office, and when we do, we need to get things done on the go. Dave and Aaron talk about mastering the art of GTD on the road, and how they manage to stay productive when they aren't at home.

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Show Notes & Links Presented by CacheFly

  • Aaron's "tiers" of vacation

  • Larry Miller's Five Levels of Drinking

  • Fisher Space Pen

  • Aaron's notebook/notecards setup

  • The Balrog

  • Field Notes Brand notebooks

  • Merlin's post on the Hipster PDA

  • DIY* Planner Hipster PDA Edition

  • Franklin Planners

  • Pocket Mod


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