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A weekly advice podcast for people who work from home, whether freelancer or telecommuter. We address listener-submitted questions, comments and concerns about all aspects of working from home. You can submit your questions here.

Hosted by Dave Caolo and Harry Marks.

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205: #205 with Mike Vardy

May 2, 2016 at 8:00AM • 37 minutes • Wiki Entry

Season three kicks of as Dave interviews home worker, author, speaker and Canada-bound NFL fan, Mike Vardy. This season features in-depth interviews with successful home workers, and we've got a great one this week. Listen in.

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This week, I’m talking with Mike Vardy of Productivityist. Mike REALLY LOVES the NFL draft despite being a Canadian, wears a Green Lantern ring, and has a history with improvisational comedy.

Mike is also one of the smartest people I know. He founded Productivityist.com, which is a site and podcast you must listen to if completing meaningful work is at all important to you. He’s also written for SUCCESS Magazine, the HuffingtonPost, Lifehacker and more. He’s written several books and once gave a great TED Talk, "How to stop time.".

Here are this episode's highlights:

00:02:41: How growing up in a town that adopted a "live to work" mentality affected the real work Mike does as an adult. "Where I grew up gives the the ability to kick it into overdrive and be that driven person. But today I've learned to have that ability to be the person who goes outside and enjoys what this city has to offer."

"The idea of spending most of your time at work so you could bring in enough money that the kids could have whatever they wanted was the era, 80's and 90's. But that's not what kids really want, at least I don't believe it. They want quality time with their parents."

00:12:04: "You end up having an inner conflict like, 'I'm [working from home] because I want more freedom, but if I make more money I'll have more freedom still. So maybe I should do that."

00:17:06: "The immediate freedom matters more than earning more money. I can always earn more money. Our parents just didn't have that option when we were kids. If I don't go to the t-ball practice today, I make it OK not to go next time."

00:20:16: "Childhood is a window that pretty much closes at 18."

00:23:27: The difference between efficient and effective. "Efficient is working fast, and effective is working well."

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