Guest Information

Information for Upcoming Guests on 5by5

Guest Information

Here’s some information to help you prepare for a guest appearance on one of our shows.


You will need:

  1. A reliable, wired Internet connection (a wifi connection is not sufficient)
  2. A microphone or USB headset (your iPhone headset or built-in mic is not sufficient)
  3. Skype account.
  4. Quiet environment, free of background noise.
  5. No mobile phones (they interfere with the audio).
  6. A webcam or built-in iSight for video interviews only.

How It Works

  • We record all of the audio and video on our end. There is no need to record yourself locally and in fact, doing so may burden your computer and reduce audio and video quality.
  • We usually record live and stream to an audience of several thousand. The stream is available on the 5by5 Live page. An iTunes/iOS friendly stream is available at

Tips for a Successful Interview

  • Show up 15 minutes prior to showtime.
  • Add us as a friend on Skype before the day of the show.
  • We will contact you on Skype, please do not call us.
  • Focus on the show. A guest who is checking email, typing, eating, shuffling papers, and engaging in activities other than talking with the show's hosts will ruin the show. Don't laugh -- this has happened more often that you'd believe.
  • We will be live when we connect to you. From the moment you connect to us via Skype until we disconnect with you, you will be broadcast live to hundreds or thousands of viewers.
  • Please don't use profanity. We broadcast live and have an audience that varies in age, gender, background, and nationality, and do our best to maintain the same rules as broadcast radio or television.
  • Pick a background that's not too distracting. Be sure the light-source is in front of rather than behind you.
  • Tell your friends about your appearance on the show, and point them at 5by5 Live. Right before the show, tweet something like "We're live on right now to talk about XYZ".
  • We are live-to-tape, and edit as little as possible, especially the video. Assume that everything you say or do will be in the final, released show.

Please contact us if you have any questions.