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Hosted by Haddie Cooke and Dan Benjamin.

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32: Wanna Print a Skull?

November 30, 2012 at 11:00AM • 1 hour 12 minutes • Wiki EntryAfter Dark

We discuss Syria turning off the country's internet, new iMacs available today (11/30/2012), iTunes 11 is now available, Apple now selling unlocked iPhones in the US, China is finally getting the iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and 4th gen iPad, Facebook is now able to make its own games, despite comments from T-Mobile management T-Mobile may get the iPhone soon, Microsoft Surface Pro has half the battery life of the Surface RT, Staples announces in-store 3D printing, Dell releases powerful Linux Ultrabook, voice calls over 4G LTE kills your battery, the internet is too slow for Google Fiber, celebrating 40 years of Pong, the Grand Canyon may be older than previously found, mind-blowing photos of Amazon's warehouses over the holidays, 50 years of Bond cars, and Haddie's dream of having a jellyfish tank gets fulfilled and then squashed.

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